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The laboratory of Padideh Shimi Gharb Company was evaluated by the Iranian Qualification Assurance System on the basis of the obligations of standard 17025 ISO/IEC in June 2016 and consequently, Padideh Shimi Gharb Company could receive the certificate of this standard.

By means of planning and placing a quality management system based on the standard ISO/IEC 17025/2005, the laboratory of Padideh Shimi Gharb Company is active as one of the reliable and independent references of conducting physical and chemical tests and examining the efficiency of various types of detergent powders as well as sulfonic acid and ammonium lauryl ether sulfate.

It is noteworthy that the laboratory of Padideh Shimi Gharb Company which is the result of the research and development and quality control laboratories also holds the certificate of quality assurance as a colleague laboratory from Department of Standard and Industrial Research of Alborz Province.

Standard 17025 has been compiled for the laboratories which function based on a quality system and want to prove their technical qualification. This standard is the results of the successful experiences of IEC/ISO 25 and the European standard EN 45001. It is now a suitable replacement for the latter two standards. This standard which enforces a ruling management system on the calibration and test laboratories does not only have a managerial framework but examines the activity of the laboratories by suggesting mechanisms for the quantities and measurement methods and also methods for scientific and technical metrology. Therefore, its measurement is valid resulting in the continuous improvement.

The most important advantages of obtaining the qualification assurance of this standard for laboratory centers are as follows:

To improve quality (accuracy and authenticity) of results of test and their reliability;
To be accepted as reference and colleague laboratories by Institute of Standard and Industrial Research;
To implement modifications in governmental and industrial obligations and regulations for conduction of tests;
To pay attention to the qualification of laboratory personnel and to upgrade it;
To ensure continuous calibration of laboratory equipments;
To standardize executive and managerial methods at the libraries;
To upgrade the level of customer-orientation level;
To secure further satisfaction of service receivers and securing the increasing trust in laboratories

In order to achieve the qualitative objectives on the basis of the principles of the policy of quality management system of the testing laboratory as well as standard obligations, the laboratory management undertakes to prepare necessary sources and facilities and to improve the efficacy of the quality management system of the laboratory continuously by conducting control and survey in periodical reconsiderations.

We know that success is not a matter of trade but it is the result of creative thought and diligent efforts. How sweet and pleasant is the group success!

The quality assurance laboratory of Padideh Shimi Gharb Company is active in the area of rendering diagnostic services to Padideh Shimi Gharb Company and other applicants of laboratory services as the colleague laboratory of National Standard Organization.

The major quality management policies of this laboratory are as follows:
The senior management of the laboratory believes that assurance of rendering laboratory services to the applicants would only be possible through establishment of a quality management system on the basis of ISO 17025.

To secure and enhance satisfaction of customers is a priority in the policies of the laboratory management.

Specialist and skillful human resources are among the main assets of the laboratory and upgrading their technical know-how is among the apparent policies of the senior management of the laboratory. Guaranteeing the accuracy and authenticity of the tests is also an apparent advantage of the laboratory services.

In order to preserve the validity of the results, the senior management of the laboratory always uses reliable and updated measurement equipments.

The laboratory management guarantees that it will not disclose the information of the customers to others and that the principle of confidentiality shall be fully observed at Padideh Shimi Gharb laboratory.

Number of laboratory personnel:
Two senior experts with master degree in chemistry, three experts with bachelor degree in chemistry, and eleven technicians

Machines and equipments:

Tergotometer  WADEGATI
Oven Fan Azma Gostar
Furnace Fan Azma Gostar
Balance (of Moisture Analyzer) OHAUS & Sartorious
Balance AND & KERN & OHAUS & Sartorious
Refractometer ATAGO
pH Meter WTW
Temeprature- Humidity Logger MarMonix
Test sieve Tyler
Gas Chromatograph (GC) Agilent Technologies
Spectrophotometer refractometer data color
Spectrocolorimeter lovibond

Tests that can be conducted:

All anionic surfactants tests
Percentage of active substance
Non-sulfonated organic materials
Sodium sulfate
Sulfuric acid

Analysis of detergent powder with low or high foam (powder for hand washing and automatic powder)
Dispersing power
Humidity and volatile materials
Free alkalinity
Measurement of ash of standard cloth (sediment removal)
Power of cleaning and fat removal
Salt percentage


Including domestic and foreign customers, including:
Unilever, Pakvash, Sehat, Companies of Golrang Industrial Group, Pakshoo, Active, Pakhsh Paydar, Ofogh Kourosh, Anitasan, Pakshima, Pakrokh, Paknam, Man, Kaf, Pakriz, Goltash, Kondornozhan, Novin Foam Beton, Pars Hayyan, Pakiom, Fakhr Khorramshahr, Adib Shimi, Farayand Shimi, Imen Tash, Pak Teif Negar

Exports to : Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, …

Colleague laboratory of National Standard Organization under number AL/3433

Certificate of colleague laboratory

Accredited by National Organization of Certification of Iran (NACI) as per the certificate number NACI/Lab/885

Certificates and Approvals